Live your life with added Zest!


Zest is a Wellness plan that helps you bring the best out in yourself by giving you the tools to make informed lifestyle choices.  Choices that help you raise your energy levels and improve your quality of life.

Making healthy decisions has never felt better. Zest is a smart wellness plan driven by technology, friendship and an online community of like-minded people. Everything is in place to help you start a wellness journey that could change your life!



Bring some zest into your life.


Getting started is as easy
as 1, 2, 3!


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1. Join Today

Colonial, AMI and BritCay Premier Health Members are all eligible!  Sign up at then download the free Virgin Pulse app from the app store to start tracking.

2. Get Connected

Connect your wearables and begin tracking your progress! We are compatible with Fitbit, Max, Garmin, Misfit, iPhone, android and more.  Just connect your account and start moving. 

3. Start Earning

Once connected, you will start earning rewards for your hard work. Every quarter you will be eligible for great prizes to help motivate you along the way.


Every quarter you earn points by making healthy decisions.

Make healthy living your habit.


Zest has something for everyone. Earn points for tracking daily activity, taking measurements, and prioritizing sleep, nutrition and other healthy habits.  The more you participate, the more points you will earn!