Champions' Commitee, DMS Cayman

"Employees appear to be happier and more productive. Additionally, absenteeism and health care costs are lowered. Thus far we have had an amazing experience with the program and we are eager to see what’s in store for the coming years." - DMS Champions Committee

Maria Pichery, Employee, Ironshore, Bermuda

"The Program motivates and pushes me to be more active. At work, instead of me sitting at my desk during my lunch period, I make an effort, and also encourage others, to walk around the block.  Since we’ve been introduced to the Program we have become more active in our daily lives because of the gradual objectives, challenges and goals that come with program. We have been able to get our son, Matthew, involved and he has been participating in some of our long distance walks."

Yvette Dean-Williams, HR Director, Cable Bahamas

“Employee welfare is extremely important to our organization. Humans are our greatest resource, and happier and healthier employees make for a more favorable working environment.There is a trend towards employers taking wellness more seriously and quite rightly so. Employees have a direct impact on the success of a company, and healthy employees are more productive.”

Jewel Bethel, Rockstar Member

Jewel Bethel, one of our rockstar members in the Bahamas, credits her success in the program to tracking her daily habits: "I ensure to drink the adequate amount of water daily. By sipping water all through the day I find that I do not snack as much. I log my food daily and try to stick within my calorie range.  Walking became a big part of my life, and now has become one of my favourite hobbies.  Every day I walk for 30 to 45 minutes, would you believe I do it in the comfort of my own home!"

Danna Vasquez, Rockstar Member

Trying to be healthier is a great mental boost.  The more active you are the better you feel both physically and mentally.   I try to follow the hints for different ways to de-stress. By being in the program you are able to share your successes or failures to help a fellow participant out.