Wellness Experiences designed to make the every day extraordinary.

Join the wellness movement and get healthy with Colonial Group International's exclusive wellness program, Zest Wellness.

Be part of a community of over 5000 members and 55 companies that have seen results today!

More than just a wellness program.


Zest is a comprehensive, holistic wellness program designed to improve the health of all Premier Health members and their families.  Through our hands-on approach combined with our on-line tools, we will provide you with all the support you need to get and stay healthy!


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Get started

We help get you started.  A health fair with employee biometric screening is a great kick off to your company's wellness program.  We will come to your office and provide you with all the information to empower you to take charge of your health.

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Resources & Tools

Track & Progress

With our blood pressure cuffs, weight scales and fitness gadgets, we provide you with all the tools to help measure and track your progress. Joining the Zest Wellness program gives you access to our preferred health and well-being vendor network.

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Challenges & Rewards

Our monthly healthy habit and quarterly virtual walking challenges will motivate you to stay on track.  Participate in a race across the dessert or in a throw down challenge with your peers.  You may also track your own habits or create personal challenges with your friends.

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from your COLLEAGUES, friends and family

We need all the support we can get. We provide an on-line social network where you can connect with colleagues PLUS up to 10 FREE memberships for your friends and family so they can join too! 

Everything in one place.  

Powered by our exclusive platform, Virgin Pulse.


We know you do not have time to track and keep up to date with the latest fitness tools so we taking the guessing out of it by offering you the latest and greatest resources on-line and via mobile.  Your on-line account and app will keep track of your measurements, steps, nutrition, and challenges and keep you up to date with the wellness community.




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